Hello, My name is William Plock.

My love of knives has led me to a new career, helping my clients keep their cutlery sharp! I have spent many years perfecting this craft and my technique in hand sharpening knives is far superior to electric sharpeners, some of which can ruin your expensive cutlery.

All my knives are sharpened by hand and never ground. I specialize in fishing knives, hunting knives, kitchen and general utility knives. I sharpen all knives to an optimum angle best suited for their particular purpose. This gives you the absolute sharpest and longest lasting edge for your cutlery. A dull knife is a dangerous knife, let me bring new life to your knives!

In addition to being a Master Cutler, I work for a local marina in Greenport, as well, I hold my captain’s license on the Shelter Island ferry. Living in Southold my entire life has given me an appreciation for this beautiful coastal region of NY and I am thrilled to be offering my professional knife sharpening services to my clients on the East End of Long Island.


call us (631) 765-8623 • bill@liknifeworks.com

Please contact me if you want me to make your knives and cutlery like-new!

Sharpening Prices:

Please check back with us as we will be updating our site and adding new features. We hope to have a selection of knives for sale in the near future.

Kitchen Knife Sharpening (smooth edge 1 to 5 inches) -- $8.00

Kitchen Knife Sharpening (smooth edge over 5 inches) -- $10.00

Kitchen Knife Sharpening (serrated edge) -- $12.00

Steak Knife (smooth or 1/2 serrated edge) -- $8.50

Hunting Knife Sharpening (up to 8 inches) -- $10.00

(measurements are for blade only)


Pocket Folding Knife (smooth edge) -- $8.00

Pocket Folding Knife (serrated edge) -- $10.00

Knife Tip Repair -- $6.00

Knife Edge Repair -- $5.00

Knife Bolster Adjustment -- $7.00

** Please indicate any items that you would like sharpened to a specific angle or shape.


Contact us: (631) 765-8623 • bill@liknifeworks.com • liknifeworks.com